Veterinary science
Research topics in veterinary science
  • investigations on infectious diseases occurring in domesticated and wild animals and on the pathogens causing them (viruses, bacteria and parasites)
  • research in the fields of environment protection, molecular biology, biotechnology, immunology and pathology aimed at developing diagnostic and vaccination techniques to improve the control of animal diseases, to provide practical assistance to veterinary surgeons and to increase food safety
  • the identification of the pathogens responsible for major diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans (zoonoses) and of their animal reservoir species in order to diminish or prevent the risk of infection
  • monitoring the appearance or re-appearance of vector-borne pathogens (possibly related to climate change) and the identification, isolation and characterisation of new pathogens
  • promoting the practical application of the results obtained in veterinary science, and participation in national efforts to overcome infectious diseases.
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