Plant protection
Research topics in the field of plant protection
  • biology of plant pathogens and weeds; continuous research on controlling these organisms using conventional, biotechnological and ecological methods
  • development of methods for environment analysis and monitoring, investigations on the chemical and genetic safety of agricultural technologies, environmental risk identification and analysis, study of side-effects in non-targeted organisms
  • clarification of the physiological, biochemical and molecular biological background of protection against the viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens causing damage to Hungarian crops
  • ecological studies aimed at harmonising biodiversity and sustainable development in agricultural areas: auto-ecological, population biological, behaviour ecological, taxonomical and evolution biological investigations on pests, and on insects important for biological control, nature protection or as indicators
  • development of behaviour-regulating, infochemical communication systems aimed at regulating the populations of pests that endanger yield safety and competitiveness
  • computer-aided (in silico) investigation of structure–activity relationships in order to search for possible lead-compounds to be used as active agents in environment-friendly pesticides
  • advisory service
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