The Martonvásár phytotron, established in 1972, contains more than fifty plant growth units, in which the main environmental factors required for plant growth and development (temperature, light, humidity) can be programmed reproducibly at any time of the year, irrespective of the external weather conditions. The up-to-date Canadian climatic equipment installed during the reconstruction in 1990 is capable of simulating the weather in any part of the world, over a range of temperature stretching from -25°C to +45°C. The major technical parameters of the phytotron units are summarised in the table.
The climatic programmes, which can be adjusted reproducibly to suit the purposes of the experiment, allow the effects of environmental factors to be investigated in an exact manner. The phytotron can be used to study the effect of controlled factors on individual plant development, genetically determined traits and physiological processes. Knowledge on adequate changes in various traits facilitates selection for agronomically important characters such as cold and drought tolerance, thus making breeding more successful and shortening the time required to develop new varieties.
Around 3500 experiments have been carried out in the Martonvásár phytotron over a period of more than three decades, and the results have been reported in over 700 publications. Numerous Ph.D. and D.Sc. theses have been written on the basis of phytotron experiments, which have also contributed to the elaboration of new plant protection techniques and production technologies.
Phytotron unit Growth PPFD Temperature
Designation Type Quantity surface
Autumn-winter chamber PGV-36 12 3,3 1,9 750 -10 +40
Spring-summer cabinet PGR-15 16 1,4 1,8 750 +4 +45
Growth bench PGB-96 6 9,0 2,6 600 +10 +40
Growth bench GB-48 6 4,3 2,6 325 +15 +35
Cold room C-812 2 10,8 0,5 - - - -25 +20
Gradient chamber GRD-01 1 3,3 1,5 400 +5 +35
Germination cabinet G-30 5 1,5 0,3 65 +4 +40
Vernalisation chamber J-01 1 13,5 0,4 10 +2 +20
Tissue culture chamber TCL 2 25,0 0,3 90 +20 +30
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