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Utilization and protection of halophytes and salt-affected landscapes
Invitation to Conference:
Utilization and protection of halophytes and salt-affected landscapes

September 4-6, 2013, Kecskemét, Hungary
Conference Theme

The main objective of the conference is to foster continued discussion among researchers all over the world investigating issues of salt-affected soils (SAS) and saline/sodic landscapes (lagoons, lakes, marshlands, grasslands, etc.) from the viewpoints of soil science, plant physiology, ecology and nature protection. The sessions will cover topics like:
  • ecology and protection of salt-affected landscapes
  • research of salt-affected landscapes including spatiotemporal changes, mapping and relationship with groundwater properties
  • sustainable agriculture on salt-affected soils and sustainable use of halophyte plants

Conference Venue
Centre of the Kiskunság National park „House of Nature”, 6000, Kecskemét, Liszt Ferenc utca 19, Hungary

Preliminary program
September 4  
8:00-19:00 Field trip: presentation of typical salt affected soils with natural vegetation and under cultivation
September 5  
9:00-18:00 Sessions: Utilization of salty waters: soils Invited Presenter: D. Suarez
19:00-21:00 Conference dinner
September 6  
9:00-18:00 Sessions: Utilization of salty waters: plants Invited Presenter: E. G. Jobbágy
Registration: March 31, 2013
Abstract submission: May 31, 2013
Centre for Agricultural Research, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
"Putting Halophytes to Work - From Genes to Ecosystems" Cost Action FA0901
International Union of Soil Sciences
Kiskunság National Park
This programme is sponsored by the Hungarian Social Renewal Operational Programme / Társadalmi Megújulás Operatív Program: TÁMOP-4.2.3-12/1/KONV-2012-0001