The EduRoam service

The Centre for Agricultural Research, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ATK) is a member of the Hungarian and the international EduRoam (Education Roaming) confederation. Users of MTA ATK can freely use the EduRoam WiFi network in the member institutes of the Eduroam confederation and users of the member institutes can use the EduRoam network at research sites of MTA ATK. Member institutes of the EduRoam confederation all over the world can be found here: EduRoam, while member institutes of the EduRoam confederation in Hungary can be found here

Using EduRoam wifi on MTA ATK sites
SSID (Service Set Identifier) of the WiFi network: eduroam

EduRoam services are available at all sites of MTA ATK (Martonvásár, Budapest, Nagykovácsi).

User identification for the use of the network should be done by the rules of the user's home institution.

When connecting to the Eduroam network the mobile computer gets a public IPv4 address, and an address of a DNS server and a default gateway. No other configuration is needed to connect to the external networks.

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