Crop production, plant breeding and agronomy
Research topics in crop production, plant breeding and agronomy
  • research on plant adaptation and stress resistance using the techniques applied in cell biology, histology, plant physiology, plant development and reproduction biology, molecular biology, functional genetics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics and systems biology
  • establishment and maintenance of a plant gene bank, phenotyping and genotyping of gene bank accessions, improvement of genetic variability, development of new genetic sources through pre-breeding, further development of breeding methods
  • selection of plant genotypes with excellent quality traits promoting healthy human nutrition and animal feeding, and improving food safety
  • breeding of new plant varieties, inbred lines and hybrids with good adaptability to the agro-ecological and climatic conditions in Hungary using conventional and molecular breeding methods and by exploiting the gene pools of local varieties, old Hungarian varieties, exotic sources, and both cultivated and wild related species
  • research on various aspects of sustainable agriculture in crop production experiments and the use of long-term experiments to study the effects of climate change, correlations between crop production factors and the sustainability of agro-ecological systems
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